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Check out these success stories:

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  • Jamie refinanced his car loan at BayPort and reduced his interest rate from 14.99% to 2.99%.
  • Michael was paying 19.99%, 22.90%, 24.99% and 29.99% on his bank credit cards. He paid off all the cards with a personal line of credit at BayPort, and lowered his interest rate to 12.74%! Not bad.
  • Christopher & Judy reduced their car loan interest rate from 10.5% to 2.99%.
  • Alice came to BayPort to purchase a new home. Our free CU Realty rebate program saved her $1,434.00!
  • Rachael & Tom fell for "interest free for a year" credit cards from two major companies. After a year, their rate leaped to 29%! So much for free. We paid off their old cards (and they closed the accounts) and lowered their payments $500 per month.

How much can you save?

We are truly different from banks:

Credit unions are nonprofit financial institutions owned and controlled by members. They typically offer better rates than banks on auto and personal loans, certificates of deposit, money-market accounts, home-equity lines of credit, savings and checking accounts, and credit cards—virtually everything except mortgages—according to data compiled by market-research firm Informa Research Services Inc. of Calabasas, Calif.

What the national media is saying about credit unions:

Seriously? Bank Fees Shoot Up Again

Call it account inflation: A new study shows that checking accounts have gotten even more expensive for customers in 2012, and the phrase "free checking" looks to be going the way of the manual typewriter and the cassette tape ...

5 things banks don't want you to know

When it comes to choosing a bank, bigger, national commercial banks can be convenient, but consumer banking is just one part of what they do. They are profit-driven, which can sometimes mean they don't have as much motivation to try and draft or keep your business ...

Bank accounts: More fees are coming. How to fight back—or flee.

Banks are trying to make up billions in lost revenue due to the bad economy, new regulations, and in some cases perhaps even their own inefficiencies. But you don't have to be the one to pay the price ...

New Poll Shows Americans Have Never Been More Distrustful Of U.S. Banks

According to a new poll by Gallup, 36 percent of Americans now say they have "very little" or "no" confidence in U.S. banks, the highest percentage on record since Gallup first started tracking that data ...

Credit Unions Still Outdo Their Bank Counterparts, and It's Easier to Get In

Credit unions are nonprofit financial institutions owned and controlled by members. They typically offer better rates than banks on auto and personal loans, certificates of deposit, money-market accounts ...

Credit Unions Begin to Promote Their Strengths

"We charge a lot of fees for nothing," one "banker" admits. "I feel a little bad about that. How do I sleep at night? Did I mention that my bonus check had two commas in it?" ...

Invest In Main Street, Not Wall Street

We are encouraging individuals to take power into their own hands by voting with their dollars and no longer contributing to a financial system that has lead our country astray. We are a campaign that gives people real, concrete actions they can take to create a more sane, stable and localized banking system ...

Banks that play hide-the-fee, and those that don't

As new regulations have eaten into their profits, banks have looked for new ways to get more revenue from their customers. Many banks tried, unsuccessfully, to implement debit card fees ...

Saying Goodbye To Your Bank

Thinking of breaking up with your big bank? You're not alone. Bank of America's recent move to slap customers with a $5 monthly fee to use their debit cards has unleashed a torrent of ill will against the nation's financial giants ...

Converts sing praises of credit unions

$1,200 legally yanked from savings accounts drove one man from his bank. Lower interest rates on credit cards and fewer fees attracted others to credit unions ...

Bank Customers Beware

Consider a credit union. Credit unions may present fewer options, such as smaller ATM networks, but what they do offer is generally a better deal than at banks. They have lower service fees (if any) on checking accounts and lower required minimum balances ...

Ditch your bank for a credit union

Now the Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington has started a campaign to get people to ditch their banks in favor of credit unions and community banks. The point isn’t just to get better interest rates and treatment; it’s to protest egregious bank behavior ...

Bank Transfer Day: The Start of Something Great

The movement toward credit unions over the last several weeks has been nothing less than phenomenal. For us in the credit union movement, it is confirmation of our long-standing tenant that credit unions are "people helping people." ...

Auto loan and credit card specials: (a good reason to join now!)

Auto loan

BayPort will hand you up to $500 cash back when you refinance your vehicle with us—and that's in addition to the savings you may make because of BayPort's lower interest rates. Right now, we have rates as low as 2.99%APR. What's your current rate?

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Read our tough car buying guide before going near a dealership.

Our guide was written by the "FoolProof" team, BayPort's consumer advocates who are always watching out for your money:

Credit Card

BayPort doesn't charge annual fees or balance transfer fees on its credit cards. And BayPort's rates can be shockingly lower than bank rates.

Right now we have a special running on balance transfers: you only pay 4.99% on the balance transfer amount for the first 6 months, and then your rate may be as low as 8.99%. How much could you save by moving your card or cards to BayPort?

BayPort's biggest difference: straight answers, not hype.

BayPort has partnered with the consumer advocates at FoolProof to help you make wise money decisions.

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